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S o l b r e r o

Dormant project.

The Flowah horizontal axis and Aerogeni vertical axis wind turbines proposed by BenCC to create Aerohydrogen fuel manufacturing and help with general electricity generation already has significant circuitry and a physical platform on which to mount an auxillairy solar cell module - branded as the ”Solbrero”.

There are many advantages to combining a wind and solar unit, not least commonality of components and most significantly, elimination of installation and commissioning - just plug straight in to the existing Flowah.

This provides a relatively cheap way into solar-wind generation and because sunny days are often windless, the generating unit itself gets to increase days of useful contribution and shorten amortisation.

With an economic return coming sooner, the economic model for determining the value of installation becomes favourable, even before subsidies or environmental benefits are factored in.

The Solbrero itself is an elegant device which self-optimises solar performance.

Contact invited, but an NDA must be signed as part of the review.


Solbrero - clean power for home and industry

Plug-in solar module for the flowah and aerogeni

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